The Chicago area is home to several businesses that specialize in organic food delivery, but a couple of the most delicious and accessible options stand out from the rest: Jelena Cooks in West Town and Cousin’s Incredible Vitality near Horner Park.

Organic delivery services in Chicago deal in food that is said to be grown under relatively strict conditions: no conventional pesticides, no artificial fertilizers, no food additives, and no growth hormones or antibiotics in livestock. Many of the businesses deliver entire organic meals – or several meals at a time – as well as doing organic produce delivery in Chicago. Organic food has gained some popularity in Chicago and much of the rest of the U.S. in recent years as Americans have sought out safer and healthier groceries. However, the recent economic downturn has hurt the organic food market – and therefore organic delivery – as shoppers turn more often to bargain brands at stores like Wal-Mart and Kroger.

Jelena Cooks

But if you’ve got the cash, and you’re looking for convenient food that is tasty and good for you, Jelena Cooks in Chicago is a good place to try. Jelena specializes in cooking vegan and vegetarian meals, but some of her organic food includes meat as well.

I’ve only called for delivery – and I don’t think there is a restaurant associated with Jelena Cooks, but her menu is online. The phone number for Jelena Cooks is 847-877-3192, but again, you can order from the website. Her organic food offerings change daily, and the meals range from black bean burgers to feta and eggplant meatballs to lamb cutlets with basil sauce. Each entree costs $25, and it comes with a vegetable, soup and some sort of whole grain. She also does health conscious catering in the Chicago area and she takes gigs working as a private chef.

Cousin’s Incredible Vitality

Cousin’s Incredible Vitality, at 3038 West Irving Park Road in Chicago, offers its customers a more steady supply of organic delivery with their “Live Food Box.” For $149, the restaurant and organic delivery service will deliver a box including three servings of baby green salad with dressing, six entrees, six appetizers, two servings of soup, fruit, flax crackers, two desserts, a fruit smoothie, and a selection from the live buffet.

This is a pretty good deal for anyone who wants to consistently eat organic food and have it delivered. Cousin’s estimates one of the boxes will feed a person for three to four days, but I have found myself able to stretch this out for about a week, especially if I occasionally eat other food. It fills your organic produce delivery needs and simultaneously provides pre-made organic meals for the week. They also offer a family-sized live box for $223, and it has nearly twice as much food as the individual size. indah cargo tarif

And if you want a more comprehensive list of organic delivery services in Chicago, you might check out the Green People website.