The biggest lie we have been told was that the mark of true success was being able to buy a house in the suburbs. The housing crisis opened everyone’s eyes in this regard and the monopoly of suburban houses was consequentially brought down. Surveys show that more and more adults actively choose not to buy houses even when they can afford them. This is well and good, but permanent property ownership can prove to be a useful investment for you, so if you are looking to invest in property but do not want to buy a house, you can look into a condo instead. There happen to be numerous Grand Rapids condos that are available for sale.

A condo is considered to be the perfect marriage between a house and an apartment since it gives you the best of each. You buy a condo, so once you have made the payment and your mortgage, you become a permanent property owner, which is pretty important. Condos are also a great compromise in terms of space because they are bigger than an apartment, and at the same time, they are smaller than a house, making them perfect for small families or people that are not looking to start a family. Condos also come with a variety of shared amenities for the entire building and this can include a swimming pool, a gym, a play area, parking, and so on. These amenities are maintained by collecting an extra free from all of the unit owners in the building, but the money does go into good use and is also used for maintenance and other such work. Lastly, condos are usually located within the city center or close to it, which means you do not have to commute long distances the way you would have to with a house.