Join The Australian International School Singapore For Diversity

Join The Australian International School Singapore For Diversity

The australian international school singapore is a vibrant and diverse learning community. We provide an education that is globally minded, academically rigorous and underpinned by the Christian faith.

In addition, they teach children important life skills such as teamwork, collaboration, empathy and compromise in order to prepare them for success in their future academic endeavours or careers.

What is the Australian International School?

Australian international school Singapore is a private international school in Singapore. AIS was founded as an American-style boarding school to educate the children of expatriate families and has evolved into a coeducational day school with over 900 students from more than 40 countries. With 38 nationalities represented, it is one of the most culturally diverse schools in Singapore and Asia.

The curriculum at the Australian International School consists solely of Western style classes, including English as first language and other subjects such as Mathematics, Science and History taught in English. Students are prepared for university entrance exams such as SAT or ACT; Advanced Placement tests; or GCE A level exams. They may also choose to take GCSEs at 16 years old if their parents allow.

How is it beneficial?

Do you want to give your child the best education possible? Do you want them to have access to an international curriculum that is tailored for their needs? If so, then the Australian International School in Singapore might be a good choice.

The school offers classes from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade and provides students with many opportunities that other schools don’t offer. It’s also conveniently located near public transportation stations and has ample parking space available for its students.