Are you simply getting started? Wondering how to make money online? Not sure what is going to be the easiest way for you? Thinking you have tons to learn? Indeed, if that seems like you, one thing to consider is to turn into an affiliate manager.

affiliate management

What is an affiliate manager?

Basically affiliate managers run affiliate programs for marketers. Their responsibility is to make the marketer an entire pack of money and consequently they get paid really well. The work is not overly hard. They are on the phone all day and call individuals to set up deals and promotions. They do research and they enroll affiliates and train them.

For example, an affiliate manager may contact individuals and set up teleseminars for the item proprietors and affiliates.

It’s a great way to learn…to get in and start understanding all the components of internet marketing. As an affiliate manager you make a lot of contacts, get into individuals’ inner circles…build some great organizations. It tends to be an enormous way to get in- – getting to know all individuals in the different organizations and getting to know everyone. Being an affiliate manger is awesome for that.

How affiliate managers get paid?

Affiliate managers may be paid based on the work they do and they may also be paid a percentage for each sale they make. A great deal of good affiliate managers are paid a monthly retainer…anywhere from $2000-$5000 a month, in addition to a percentage of all affiliate sales. So in the event that you make $100,000 in affiliate sales, you are going to get 5-10 percent of the sales, depending on the contract.

Are affiliate managers only for internet marketing?

affiliate management┬áis a gigantic industry and outside, in the corporate world, there’s affiliate managers for each huge company. You take a gander at monster and individuals are hiring affiliate managers all the time. So it’s a position that’s popular right.

What makes a good affiliate manager?

A ton of the folks that I see that are getting greater in whatever business that they are in- – they are always coming to me and asking where do you find your affiliate managers?

What they really want to know is: the place where do you find individuals that make these calls? How would you find individuals you can trust? How would you find individuals that actually hear what they are saying? Because it’s fairly hard to find someone who understands what they are doing.

What makes a good affiliate manager is training. You do not have to have been around the industry for a long time, yet you do need to know a few basics. And the question is, are individuals trained up or not?