Vacations to some part of this World can be fine if you stay in a luxury hotel. They supply passengers with the best of everything. The lodging, amenities, meals, service as well as the views are usually better. Hotels are quantified using a star ratings system with one star being the worst and five starts being the best. Real luxury resorts are rated with five stars. There is one rare luxury hotel that bills itself as a seven star hotel because the encounter the resort provides is so far above the norm even for five star hotels. Take a Vacation to a number of the exotic places known for getting the most luxury hotels in the world. Hotels that pamper their guests in every way possible. Places where it is not unusual to discover a butler running a hot bath while the guest receives a relaxing massage. The rooms offer breath-taking views of the countryside, the waterfront or amazing skylines.

Huge beds with higher count Egyptian or Indian cotton sheets, plush carpeting and comfortable period furniture, Wi-Fi and big apartment screened televisions with countless stations are standard. Bathrooms with swimming pool pool-sized garden tubs and glass enclosed shower stalls with apparently endless water jets are standard. The foods at village retreat are amazing. Sumptuous Feasts prepared by world famous chefs are plated and served in one of the main dining rooms or in private suites. They comprise the freshest meats and vegetables, spices from the four corners of the earth combined with rare, exotic sweetmeats to make tastes so yummy your taste buds will stand up and cheer.

Entertainment from the world’s most Luxurious resorts is second to none. Whether the hotels are in Las Vegas, the Caribbean or Australia many of the world’s finest artists perform personal concerts especially for the guests. The hotels also supply hard to get tickets to exclusive shows, plays and movies. Guests are often provided court side or ringside chairs and access to private suites for the best sporting events. Concierges make magic as well as film premieres and fashion show featuring new designer wear are made available to the guests in the best hotels. Luxury hotels are available all Over the planet. But they all have something in common. They offer their guests the very best in food, service and accommodations.