Shockwave therapy is a type of physiotherapy treatment that is done to get relief from chronic pain. This therapy encourages the body to get healed by maintaining the molecular level. This process of eswt treatment in singapore is a non-surgical treatment and increases the metabolic activity that gives relief from pain.

The working process of shock wave therapy:

This type of therapy is used to generate the projectile that is fastened by applying a hand applicator. When this applicator is placed on the surface skin with the help of a coupling medium such as ultrasound gel help to deliver the impulses in the form of shockwave which penetrates deep into the affected area. This is a non-invasive type of treatment that involves the delivering of shock waves to an injured tissue that helps to reduce and overcome pain and at the same time helps to promote healing.

Indication meant for shockwave therapy:

This is primarily used for treating common musculoskeletal conditions. These may include like-

Plantar fasciopathy

Adhesive capsulitis

Osteoarthritis related to knee

There is nothing such standardized form of ESWT protocol that is meant for the treatment of these musculoskeletal conditions.

Duration of therapy effect:

It has been found from the research that the therapy effectiveness varies for each patient. Most patients have felt the significant benefit of the therapy which helps them to relive from the pain which may vary from six to eight weeks after the process of treatment.


This therapy is a great boon for those who suffer from musculoskeletal related pain.