Among all the different workout routines and healthy exercises if you have to choose one then I would recommend you do yoga, yoga has different poses and stretches which cover you entire body and if you are after a true impact on health which will last long then this is it, different types of workout have different but most of us limit all this to just aesthetics, but it shouldn’t be like that, looking good with exercise and healthy routines should be a byproduct of what you are trying to cook with it and that is overall health and wellbeing, so when you are short on time and you are looking for one practice which will have an impact on your overall health, mental and physical then yoga is the answer.

Marianne Wells Yoga School

Now that you know how important yoga is for your body you will have to find a mentor, a trainer, someone who knows everything about yoga and will help you through the levels of yoga, you cannot expect yourself to excel at it right from the start and as a beginner you wouldn’t know what type of yoga is best for you, for instance if you are suffering from a chronic pain and you want to get it out through a yoga stretch then it is possible but how to do it and what type of stretch is best for you.

Marianne Wells Yoga School was the one for me like it is for so many others, once I found out about this yoga school and I experienced one session and an amazing retreat I have never felt the need to go somewhere else and that speaks a lot about the yoga school.