Many of us recall a simpler time when there were fewer electronics and the freedom to explore the neighborhood or play outdoors for hours. However, parents nowadays are concerned about their children’s safety, and digital gadgets have exacerbated those fears.

When you want your younger children to be playing with other children, they ask for smartphone. While some parents may be tempted to cave solely to have the option of tracking their child’s movements, doing so exposes them to internet predators and every stranger who contacts their phone.

However, if basic ground rules are followed, a phone tracker may be beneficial while children are outdoors. Before installing any third-party parental control or call history tracker, you should sit down with your family and discuss what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the associated ground rules.

There is a significant distinction between watching someone you care about and are accountable for and following their whereabouts and activities without their knowledge with the help of a location tracking app. Ascertain that everyone knows the rules and the reason behind them, as well as the fact that the rules apply to everyone.

Boundaries are also critical; older kids may claim their right to privacy, which should be respected within the context of the trust you’ve built. After resolving this, you should install the program.


1 – Locate Misplaced Phones

No matter how responsible and level-headed a family member is, they are almost certain to lose their phones at least once, even if it is an accident. Indeed, the majority of Americans have misplaced their phones at least once.

Tracking software enables you to locate phones that fall out of pockets, are mistakenly strolled off with, or become misplaced in other ways.

2 – Emergency Preparedness

While most of us would hopefully never find ourselves in a scenario where we need to know precisely where everyone in our family is, if we do, monitoring software may assist. As long as individuals retain their phones, monitoring software may assist emergency responders in locating someone who is wounded, missing, or otherwise in distress.

Consider establishing a rule that states that if an emergency is declared, you must turn on everyone’s tracking device to determine their whereabouts and notify police or trusted family members to come and get them if necessary.

3 – Strengthening the Grounding

Most youngsters undoubtedly had no idea they were receiving an accountability device when they requested a smartphone. And yet, with the correct software, that is exactly what a phone can be.

If it becomes essential to ground your children, tracking may be used to guarantee that they attend school, remain there, and return without visiting, friends or retailers.

There are certain critical constraints to bear in mind here. The most crucial factor is that phone tracking software informs you of the phone’s position, not of its owner.

Additionally, keep in mind that GPS systems on phones vary in quality, displaying everything from a phone’s specific position on a map to a phone’s broad neighborhood.